Editorial Planning For Radio

Eduardo Paredes is an attorney in Los Angeles who focuses on criminal and immigration law. When not at the office, Eduardo Paredes hosts a Spanish-speaking radio show for callers with immigration-related questions.

It is during his radio program that Attorney Eduardo Paredes educates the Spanish speaking audience in immigration and criminal law issues. Most listeners have a very general idea of the law, but through his daily broadcast, Attorney Eduardo Paredes is able to demonstrate how the law applies to that person’s specific issues.

Attorney Eduardo Paredes’ ability to present complicated legal issues in an understandable manner to his listeners has been crucial to Attorney Eduardo Paredes’ popularity on the radio. Not only do people have their immigration and criminal law questions answered, but Attorney Eduardo Paredes is able to demonstrate to the larger audience how the laws affect their own lives.

Immigration and Criminal law intersect at many junctures. One of the most fundamental concepts in the law is that one must identify the issues that causes their legal problem. By identifying the specific issues in immigration and criminal law, Attorney Eduardo Paredes is readily able to guide a caller through their problem.

With 11 years as an experienced attorney, Eduardo Paredes is able to help his clients in their immigration law and criminal law matters. His hour long show airs on Univision Radio’s 1020 AM station in Los Angeles and is repeated throughout the state of California on different stations.