These Crimes Can Get Legal Immigrants Deported

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Based in Los Angeles, California, Eduardo Paredes is a criminal lawyer who represents clients in both criminal misdemeanor and felony cases. Through his solo practice, Eduardo Paredes also represents clients on immigration matters.

Individuals who have legal US immigrant status are often placed under deportation proceedings because they were convicted of a crime that that renders the immigrant removable (deportable) or inadmissible to the United States. Some examples include crimes of moral turpitude and crimes that are aggravated felonies.

Aggravated felonies under immigration laws may be different from those under state criminal law as the term aggravated felony is defined by the federal statutes, such as the United States Code. Aggravated felonies include, but are not limited to, offenses such as murder or similar crime of violence, money laundering exceeding $10,000, trafficking firearms or explosives, child pornography, sexual abuse of a minor, fraud, tax evasion, espionage, and/or a combination of these and other offenses that the United States Congress has deemed to be crimes that pose a significant threat to national security. A person convicted of an aggravated felony is subject to deportation unless it can be shown that he or she will be tortured in his or her native country.

Crimes of moral turpitude are not defined under US immigration laws. However, the courts have defined them to include crimes that involve larceny, fraud, or intent to harm a person or thing. These crimes include murder, voluntary manslaughter, theft, spousal abuse, rape, and aggravated driving under the influence. Immigrants are subject to deportation proceedings if they committed such crimes of moral turpitude at any time. However, an immigrant’s ability to obtain a waiver from deportation depends on their length of residency in the United States, family ties, and a variety of other factors that the law requires be considered in determining whether an alien may seek a waiver from deportation. Seeking a waiver from deportation means to have an Immigration Judge issue an order stopping your deportation and allowing you to remain in the United States.

The United States Supreme Court has held that an alien has a constitutional right to be advised of the immigration consequences of a guilty plea in criminal court. Attorney Eduardo Paredes is experienced in representing clients in criminal law and immigration law courts. Such unparalleled experience unleashed from the criminal case stage can prove critical to find ways of escaping the deportation dragnet.

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Proposition 47 in California

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Proposition 47 in California

An attorney with nearly 15 years of experience in California, Eduardo Paredes helps clients who face deportation and criminal charges. Eduardo Paredes keeps his clients informed of changes to immigration and criminal law, such as Proposition 47 in California.

Passed by California voters in 2014, Proposition 47 reduces some drug felony charges to misdemeanors. The proposition also dictates that petty theft, use of bad or forged checks, and receipt of stolen goods should be sentenced as misdemeanors, provided that the amount in question is $950 or less.

Although those serving sentences for these crimes cannot automatically leave prison, they can appeal to have their sentences reduced according to the new proposition. Further, those who have completed their sentence can petition the court to have their felony conviction reduced to a misdemeanor. However, certain crimes, such as child molestation, rape, and attempted murder, disqualify inmates for resentencing.

Those who wish to petition the court for resentencing must do so by November 4, 2017, which marks three years following the passing of Proposition 47.

Attorney Eduardo Paredes handles all phases of criminal and immigration law cases.

Reasons to Choose a Private Attorney over a Public Defender

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Eduardo Paredes

Attorney Eduardo Paredes has been practicing criminal and immigration law in California for approximately 15 years practicing both in state and federal criminal courts. Attorney Eduardo Paredes shares his knowledge and insight on a live call-in radio program on L.A.’s AM 690 from 5 a.m. to 6 a.m. Attorney Eduardo Paredes answers questions relating to immigration and criminal law.

With reference to using a public defender instead of a private attorney, Attorney Eduardo Paredes notes that though public defenders may provide competent legal representation, they are often burdened with a heavy caseload, which limits the amount of time they can spend on each case. Many do not have the time to properly investigate the charges against the accused.

In contrast, private attorneys, such as Attorney Eduardo Paredes, are able to tailor a case specific strategy in your case. This involves investigating the criminal allegations, using investigators with years of experience in the professional law enforcement sector. This allows Attorney Eduardo Paredes to gain a unique perspective and develop a defense from the vantage point of the prosecution. In turn, Attorney Eduardo Paredes is able to readily identify issues that may aide in his client’s defense.

When a defendant is arrested, the police prepare a police report which is usually prepared after the initial investigation of the crime. However, the police may miss a witness who may have crucial information that benefits an accused’s defense. Also, Attorney Eduardo Paredes is able to offer insight in his cases given his vast experience in federal law because often times, a criminal case may be dismissed if the evidence ascertained does not prove that the accused committed an offense proscribed by law. Attorney Eduardo Paredes has used his vast experience in legal analysis of criminal statutes to find defenses to cases where other practitioners may be oblivious to.

The reason that Attorney Eduardo Paredes is able to engage in such legal analysis of criminal statutes is because his years of experience of practicing immigration law, which intersects with criminal law, has helped him develop these skills to the benefit of his clients.

Attorney Eduardo Paredes has successfully obtained NOT GUILTY verdicts and dismissal of charges based on his experience in federal and state criminal and immigration law. Call Attorney Eduardo Paredes at (310) 855-9444 and visit him at and

Activists Protest January Raids

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Eduardo Paredes

Eduardo Paredes, a privately practicing attorney in Los Angeles, focuses on criminal as well as immigration matters. Eduardo Paredes has offered counsel on a broad range of deportation cases and maintains an in-depth knowledge of current immigration law.

After a series of raids against immigrant families from Central America, advocacy groups have joined forces to express their outrage. In early February, the White House received a letter from a collective of more than 75 individual organizations, including the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), calling for temporary protective status for at-risk individuals. These groups also denounced the inhumane nature of the raids, which have threatened relations between the White House and Latino communities.

President Barack Obama had previously attempted to ease relations with Latino groups by implementing a program that would allow undocumented immigrants to gain work permits, though this program has since been suspended. However, many communities feel that the 2016 raids have broken a tenuous trust by targeting women and children at risk of physical harm in their home countries. The White House has responded to criticism by seeking out alternative solutions for those fleeing Central America, while opponents to the raids continued to speak out and demand an end to deportation of those who seek safety in the United States.