Proposition 47 in California

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Proposition 47 in California

An attorney with nearly 15 years of experience in California, Eduardo Paredes helps clients who face deportation and criminal charges. Eduardo Paredes keeps his clients informed of changes to immigration and criminal law, such as Proposition 47 in California.

Passed by California voters in 2014, Proposition 47 reduces some drug felony charges to misdemeanors. The proposition also dictates that petty theft, use of bad or forged checks, and receipt of stolen goods should be sentenced as misdemeanors, provided that the amount in question is $950 or less.

Although those serving sentences for these crimes cannot automatically leave prison, they can appeal to have their sentences reduced according to the new proposition. Further, those who have completed their sentence can petition the court to have their felony conviction reduced to a misdemeanor. However, certain crimes, such as child molestation, rape, and attempted murder, disqualify inmates for resentencing.

Those who wish to petition the court for resentencing must do so by November 4, 2017, which marks three years following the passing of Proposition 47.

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