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Eduardo Paredes

Attorney Eduardo Paredes is a private practice solo attorney who represents clients in immigration cases such as people applying for green cards, and defending people against deportation in removal (deportation) proceedings as well as in criminal cases. Attorney Eduardo Paredes shares his over 15 years of hands-on experience with the public in a daily Spanish language radio show where listeners are invited to call with immigration and/or criminal law questions.

In fact, Attorney Eduardo Paredes is well versed on immigration and criminal law, that when President Barak Obama published a rule allowing people who entered as children, and who are in the process of, or who have completed their high school studies, Attorney Eduardo Paredes advised clients who were not at immediate risk of removal to not seek such relief because doing so would have placed them at risk of deportation upon the termination of the deferred action program.

Fortunately for people who took Attorney Eduardo Paredes’ wise counsel, many people avoided the onslaught of uncertainty that has enveloped immigration spectators since DACA recipients now must face the challenge of forfeiting such status. Attorney Eduardo Paredes has always maintained a strong work ethic that places him at the forefront of emerging immigration and criminal law.

Attorney Eduardo Paredes can be reached at (310) 855-9444 in Los Angeles and the Fresno office is available at (559) 225-9999.


Asylum as Relief from DHS Removal

Eduardo Paredes has spent the last 12 years as a Los Angeles-based attorney who handles criminal cases and areas of immigration law. Eduardo Paredes hosts a daily radio show on the AM dial during the week wherein he informs listeners about immigration law and criminal law issues.

1. What is the difference between using the public defender or hiring my own private attorney?

Although the public defenders are available to people who cannot afford the services of an attorney, it is always in the accused’s best interest to hire private counsel. Public defenders are attorneys competent to practice law. However, given the large case-loads that public defenders have, and given the unique posture of each case, an accused may achieve superior results by hiring an attorney who will concentrate their efforts for the benefit of the accused. Many times, the difference between a successful result or a negative result in your criminal case, boils down to how much time your attorney will be able to devote to your case in developing a case strategy, a theory of a case, and in thoroughly investigating the facts of the case.

2. What can a private attorney do that a public defender cannot do?

A private attorney is interested in knowing what your expectations and goals are from the beginning. Since criminal convictions will likely have collateral consequences, such as immigration consequences, or the loss of civil rights, when you hire a private attorney, the attorney will want your input to know what your priority is in the representation. This in turn allows the attorney to resolve your case with your goals in mind. This is critical given the fact that the criminal consequences of an arrest can remain at issue even after your case is complete in court.