Trump’s Tough Immigration Policy

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Department of Homeland Security

An attorney based in Los Angeles, California, Eduardo Paredes is the host of a Spanish-language radio show focused on discussing immigrant rights and legal protections. When not advising his listeners on immigration matters in the wake of Pres. Donald Trump’s new immigration laws, Eduardo Paredes represents clients in immigration cases and criminal cases. In fact, even prior to The Donald’s administration taking over, Attorney Eduardo Paredes represented immigrant clients from the time of their arrest in the criminal court. Given that a criminal offense can trigger deportation proceedings, Attorney Eduardo Paredes has successfully defended immigrants in U.S. Immigration Court where he has fought to secure the release of aliens who the Department of Homeland Security targeted for removal (deportation). Attorney Eduardo Paredes is part of a handful of attorneys in the country who know criminal and immigration law defense which has been instrumental to guide people in the current climate that focuses on prosecuting immigrants in criminal and immigration court.

In February 2017, President Trump authorized his administration to take into full effect his strict immigration laws. The president authorized the arrest and quick deportation of immigrants without documentation regardless of their criminal records–a sharp break away from his campaign promise to only deport those with serious criminal convictions.

That same month, the Department of Homeland Security revealed the new administration’s plans to strip immigrants without documentation of their privacy rights, to publicize their crimes, and ultimately expedite their deportation. In addition, President Trump authorized the enlisting of police officers as enforcers of immigration laws and promised to build new detention facilities.

Defending the president’s move, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said the new rules were meant to empower immigration officers to deal with people who were a threat to the country. However, immigration reports indicate enforcers are targeting immigrants without documentation, many of whom have lived and worked in the country for years, regardless of whether they have committed crimes or not.

Many attorneys and advocates for immigrants are challenging these new rules in court. They argue that authorizing police to detain immigrants will lead to racial targeting. In fact, courts in Oregon, Illinois, and Pennsylvania have already rejected some of the laws.

However, for an individual who faces criminal prosecution and ultimately removal from the United States, the broad nationwide movement of activists does not solve their problem. That is why many immigrants seek the legal services of Attorney Eduardo Paredes who can advise them in their criminal case as well as in their immigration case in order to ensure the best criminal and immigration defense possible.

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